TVD meme - four friendships
[1/4] Bonnie + Caroline + Elena: I can’t believe it. We’re all actually here. We are all here together.

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Britney Spears: VMA Tribute Promo 


The Britney Spears fragrance empire thus far | 2004 - 2014

Britney broke up with David Lucado. He cheated on her. Britney's dad secretly purchased the 'cheating' video



TMZ (1) (2): Britney Spears just dumped her boyfriend of 18 months … after finding out there’s a video of him cheating on her that’s being shopped around Hollywood.

We’re told David Lucado is seen in the video making out with a woman and dancing with her. It looks…

Paul Wesley leaving Teen Choice Awards, August 10th.

Anonymous asked:
I love when people love Britney, so I love you :)

Since you love Britney and are the nicest anon I love you too. What a sweet message to get first thing in the morning <3 

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Get to know Britney Jean Spears (insp.)

4thandbleeker: #pourlesamour

4thandbleeker: #pourlesamour

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